Life in Australia

Life in Australia

Australia is an extremely culturally diverse country. It is varied in its religion, language, history, and art. International students who study in Australia will find themselves studying in a fascinating and diverse environment.
The capital is Canberra with the largest city being Sydney. English is the de facto national language. As per 2019 estimate, the population is 25, 287, 400. The currency is Australian Dollar (AUD).

Life in Adelaide

Melbourne summer (December to February) can be hot with its seasonal climate, cooling down over autumn (March to May) and into winter (June to August), until it begins to warm up again in spring (September to November)

There is an extensive public transport network in Melbourne, which includes trains, trams & buses. Myki is the name of the ticket for all public transport in Melbourne. It’s stored value plastic smartcard which can be topped up and reused again.


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