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Australian Institute of Business and Trade Pty Ltd has minimum English language requirements in some courses and you must provide proof of your English proficiency to the required standards.
Please provide a copy of the certificate you have received from course along with the application.
Please note that only results achieved within 2 years of the teat date will be considered. If you have not sat an IELTS/TOEFL/other relevant ESL exam please indicate when you sit one below.
Eg: Certificate I, II, III, IV/ Diploma/ Advance Diploma/ Bachelors/ Masters / Others
Are you transferring within the first 6 months of your principle course? If yes, a letter of release is required from your provider.
If you request a Credit transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning please indicate in the section below.
Australian Institute of Business and Trade Pty Ltd (AIBT) respects Student’s privacy rights and operates in compliance with the Privacy Act and National Privacy Principles 2001. Refer to for more details. AIBT will treat all Student personal information confidentially and will not disclose any details to a third party without the Student’s prior written consent. ** Personal information may also be collected, or disclosed to relevant bodies for the verification of your previous qualifications.

**Except where required through its commitment to comply with the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 and ESOS Act 2000 and supply Student data to the National VET Regulator (ASQA), National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER), Department of Border Protection & Immigration (DBP&I) and other regulatory bodies or to a court of Law.
I warrant that the information on this form, or provided in support of my application is correct and complete, I acknowledge that the provision of incorrect information or the withholding of relevant information relating to my application, including academic transcript/s, might invalidate my application and that AIBT may withdraw an offer of a place or cancel my enrolment in consequence.

I declare the followings:

1. Read and understood course information from the prospectus or flyers or from the website or received full information from institute’s Education Agent (in case of enrolment through education agent) before making the decision to enrol in the course.

2. Understand that the institute also reserves the right to vary courses, subjects, the mode of delivery, assessment and admission requirements at any time at its discretion

3. Read and understood the institute’s policies on student code of conduct, fees and refund, student complaints and appeals, student transfer between registered providers, deferment suspension and cancellation, monitoring international student academic progress, academic misconduct and other policies that are published on the college website or prospectus or student’s handbook

4. Understand that the institute is required to submit data sourced from this enrolment form and the training data to the national VET administrative collection as a regulatory reporting requirement. I further understand that the institute, as an education provider, is required to provide information about my enrolment to Government agencies where required by relevant legislation, including Department of Education and Training, National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER), Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), Department of Home Affairs (DHA), Tuition Protection Services (TPS) and ESOS Assurance Fund Manager.

5. Understand that the information contained on my application form may be used by the institute or Government departments and agencies, VET regulators and authorised VET related bodies and their contractors for administrative, regulatory and/or research purposes.

6. Understand that the RTO and the regulatory departments may disclose VET data, including personal information, to its contractors, other government agencies, professional bodies and/or other organisations for VET-related purposes. This includes disclosure of student enrolment and training data to the Commonwealth and the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) as necessary and where lawful,

7. Authorise the institute to check my visa status on VEVO and IELTS result on IELTS Test Report Form verification service (If IELTS score is provided)

8. Declare that the information I have provided in this application form and all supporting documentation submitted together is correct and complete. I am aware that, providing false, misleading or incomplete information may lead to cancellation of my enrolment or the withdrawal of any offer made by the institute at any stage.

9. I further understand that the institute reserves the right to inform other RTO's or tertiary institutions and regulatory agencies if any of the material presented to support my application is found to be false or fraudulent.
understand all of the requirements for the courses and visa application and confirm that all of the information provided is true.